Finding The Right Solution For You

Whether you are facing charges for the first time or you have been in this situation before, you need serious representation. You also need an attorney who cares about the outcome of your case and will work hard to find a solution that's right for you.

During my career, I have earned a reputation for tough, effective defense representation. My clients and the local courts know that I work tirelessly for my clients' best interests. While I seek alternatives to trial first, if we cannot negotiate a fair resolution, I will go to trial to protect my clients' rights.

What You Can Expect From The Law Office Of Jordan Sluder

My goal is to aggressively protect the rights of people facing criminal charges and immigration issues. I am recognized by colleagues, prosecutors and satisfied clients for my hard work helping people protect their rights and their futures.

I am here to help you, not to judge. You can be sure that I will tell your whole story to the court. I know you are more than just a person charged with a crime.

Things I have done for clients include:

  • Getting them into treatment following drug or DUI charges
  • Careful preparation in domestic violence or assault cases
  • Working to protect their driver's license after a DUI
  • Keeping them out of jail after a probation violation
  • Helping people fight deportation
  • Petitioning for family members to come to this country