A Unique Approach To Criminal Law And Immigration

There are two sides to every story. When you walk into court, the prosecuting district attorney has only heard from the arresting officer or the person accusing you. When I meet with my clients, I immediately begin to develop their story as a person, so they are not judged solely by their worst moments in life. I make sure our adversaries know that my clients have jobs, families and unique life experiences that must be considered.

My goal is to seek the best result possible for you in Tennessee criminal cases and immigration matters. And if there is no deal or compromise to be made, I will fight aggressively to ensure that your rights are preserved and your story is heard.

You will have to make many choices during the course of a criminal case. I will give you the necessary information and be honest while guiding you from decision to decision.

As your lawyer, I will work to:

  • Make a complex and frightening process easy to understand
  • Tell your side of the story
  • Help you make the best possible choices throughout your case
  • Secure the best result possible, whether through effective negotiation or fighting as hard as I can
  • Be honest about what I can and cannot do for you

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